Feb 9, 2010

IF - Muddy

OK, I'm stumped. Usually I try to get a drawing together over the weekend but either I was too busy (perhaps) or just couldn't put it together (more likely). There were all sorts of ideas: mud puddles, muddy road, kids in the mud, even a bridge over the "Big Muddy" Missouri River, but nothing tripped my trigger. Plus the mouse on the MAC has died so working with the scanner is on the fritz. Oh well maybe next week. We had 4-5" of new snow in the last 24 hours, very soft and fluffy, piled up on everything like mounds of whipped cream, very pretty. This on top of the 7-9" of ice and snow from the week before - which was on top of the 6-7" of ice and snow from 10 days before that. Roads a bit messy here in hill country but it will be gone in a week or so as early spring temps start ramping up and the Daffodils/Dogwood start blooming in early Mar. Looking forward to it for sure.

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