Feb 13, 2012


I was having trouble with this one for some reason until this morning. I went out to shovel off some of the new snow on my deck. On the ground under our bird feeder was my inspiration.

With the new snow the ground under our bird feeder has gained in popularity!


  1. Sometimes the ideas we struggle with the most are right under our noses -or- our feet. I really enjoyed reading your inspiration and your rendering is stunningly beautiful!

  2. HI James, are these birdie footprints in the snow? Very cute idea. Thanks for you comments on my illustration, I did the Tiffany bag/box in the chalky pastels which are not what I usually use (I prefer acrylic & watercolor) but I thought the pastels would be best for getting the Tiffany blue right. I also used pen & colored pencils as I don't have hard pastels. Next time, maybe we will see you do an illo in pastel! :)