May 9, 2012

IF - Hitch 05/04/2012

Jumping the Broom: (Getting Hitched)

Is a phrase and custom relating to wedding ceremonies in different cultural traditions, found in many diverse cultures, those of Africa - Europe including Scotland, Hungary and Gypsy culture, all of which include brooms at wedding rituals. It is particularly associated with the Romani gypsy people of the UK, especially those in Wales. There is evidence showing the wedding custom was practiced by gypsies in England and Scotland as well as by African Americans and other groups.  In the American south, the custom determined who ran the household. Whoever jumped highest over the broom was the decision maker of the household. Or, whoever landed on the ground first after jumping the broom was predicted to be the decision maker in the marriage. In England, jumping the broom was always synonymous with irregular or non-church unions while in America the phrase could be used a slang describing the act of getting married legally, rather then an informal union not recognized by church or state.  

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