Aug 16, 2013

Well I have been lax in working on my art for Illustration Friday however I have been working at learning other expression mediums so here is my first real try at a pastel painting. These are soft pastels and not a very expensive brand but I was happy with the results and plan on continuing to work at this as I would like to get more color into my artwork. I have an upcoming class in pastel drawings in about 30 days and I am really looking forward to it. This is a little messy kind of medium but I knew this going in so found a place I can work that doesn't make a great mess in the house. I have been looking at as many of the You-Tube videos as possible dealing with pastels and Colin1940 has some amazing drawings and does a lot of step by step tutorials. Check him out when you can. I'll set up a link to his www with the others. Well enough for now, enjoy.

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