Oct 26, 2014

New Art project (VESPA)

This is a new project which resulted from a class at ESSA (Eureka Springs School of the Arts). Taught by James Rather (www.ratheruniqueart.com) of Bella Vista, Arkansas. I'll quote from his introduction to the class. "I work in ink, without preliminary drawings and usually without even a definitive idea in mind. I allow the unfolding design to tell me what I am drawing. Feeling, rather than intent guides the hand. I am always surprised by what develops, and the work is always open to interpretation, although I do title my finished drawings."

Used as a cathartic pastime people began to request various pieces and he has received a wider viewing and increased interest.This was his first teaching class and was very enjoyable.

 So, using his techniques, the above drawing came about in an 1 or 1 1/2 worth of effort and didn't appear until the last line was added. I call it VESPA because to me it looks like a Vespa Motor scooter. What does it look like to you?

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  1. Very cool, very talented. I love colored pencils, too and ink.